Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new fabric!

well, i have been on a mad hunt for some new fun fabric and found a few great things. i'm working on getting some fabric within the next couple of weeks, though, so keep checking back if you don't prefer any of these fabrics. we are gearing up for summer here and you know that lots of showers (wedding and baby) happen near the summer time. thanks to everyone who has purchased a sling so far! i'm really enjoying getting this business off the ground. i am also going to be having a party probably in may with a friend of mine who does stationery. i will definitely let you know when that will be taking place. for now, here are the fabrics that i have. again, the fabric is a first come, first serve right now. i will let you know if i can continue getting the same fabric in, especially if it is a popular print.

green with white polka dots. great timeless fabric. (4 slings left)

white with blue, pink, yellow, green, and champagne pinwheels. very cute for the little girl in your life. (3 slings left)

blue with black flower print. (sold out)

and my personal favorite...a brown background with white, green, light tan, and a darker tan flowers. (1 sling left)
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