Tuesday, April 28, 2009

some new things

well, spring has come and gone in jackson, tn! it is just about summer here and everything is in full bloom! my boys LOVE being outside, so that is why i haven't been able to do anything here in about a month! however, i have some new products available for just about anyone who is looking, whether they be a mom, a dad, or a college student. i am now offering a hobo bag, a birdie sling purse, and an mp3 carrying case (which can also double for a cell phone carrying case). i am very excited about these products. the turn-around time on these products will be about 2 weeks because they are all custom made. check 'em out and spread the word! and thanks to everyone who entered the free fridays in march! be looking for more sales to come soon!

hobo bag

this hobo bag is so much fun! it's big enough for an overnight trip and small enough to meet your day-to-day needs! i use mine as a diaper bag/purse, but it would be a great diaper bag in and of itself. it is reversible, so it is not lined. however, if you would like it lined instead of reversible, that is available as well! it is lined with interfacing to make it a little stronger in order to fit your needs and it has 6 pockets total. there are three on the inside and three on the outside. the pockets can be made a little deeper, and both sets can be on the inside if you don't want it reversible. this is very much a custom made bag! sadly, the fabric in the picture is not available at this time, however, any fabric choice to the right is available, and for $5 more, i can get a fabric specific to your needs! these sell for $75, with $5 shipping, as always. email me with any questions!

birdie sling purse

several of you have asked me to make these purses and i have been putting it off because of time. however, now, i believe i have the time to make these purses for whomever would like them! i get complements on this purse everywhere i go. and when i say "i made it!" people are blown away! don't you love getting handmade products that everybody loves!?! these purses are lined with interfacing and lined on the inside. it will stand up on its own with nothing in it (or with a lot in it ;)) it has three pockets on the inside, 2 smaller ones and one big one. i use it as a diaper bag/purse and carry everything i need in it. i never feel like i don't have enough room, but it could easily be just a purse as well! it is custom made to fit your needs, so if you only want two big pockets, we can do that, or 4 smaller pockets, that's fine, too! it is available in any fabric choice to the right, or for an extra $5, i'll find a specific fabric that you would like! they sell for $75 because of the time it takes to make them and because they are custom made. it will also take up to 2 weeks for you to receive your purse because of the aforementioned reasons. email me with any questions!

mp3 carrying case

it's just what you've been looking for! do your earbuds ever get tangled up in your purse and you can't seem to figure out how to keep them in one place? or does your ipod always seem to go to the bottom of your purse and you can't seem to find it? well, this is exactly what you need! and, it's tres cute and chic, i might add. this mp3 case can be made to fit any ipod, whether you're still toting around the first generation mini or you have an iphone or the new nano. it can be custom made for your mp3 needs. and with an extra pocket for your earbuds, you'll never have to untangle them again! plus, if you're like me, you like your cell and ipod to be in the same place. well, you can order the larger size case and that, too, can be accomplished! the case closes with velcro so you never have to worry about buttons or zippers. these sell for $24 and are available in any fabric choices. you get to pick two fabrics. and if you would like one of the patterned fabrics with a solid fabric, i can also do that. these are custom made to fit your needs!