Friday, June 20, 2008

some new things

i've been working on some new items to sell and i've figured them out! i've had the burpees for a while, but i hadn't had a chance to put up a picture. so, this is what the burpees look like, and you can get it to match your sling of course! unfortunately, i don't have this fabric anymore, and i would LOVE to get it back in. so, keep your fingers crossed ;)

also, i've come up with a diaper dittie. it holds 2-3 diapers and a travel size wipes case. it also could hold a few other things as a paci, burpee, or maybe a very small toy. this is just such an easy thing to throw in your purse, or carry as a clutch to a wedding or nicer event so that you don't have to lull around your huge diaper bag! here's a couple of pictures for you to enjoy. they are sold for $20 and they can even double as a changing pad.

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Cass said...

Cool thing Janie...