Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hobo bag

this hobo bag is so much fun! it's big enough for an overnight trip and small enough to meet your day-to-day needs! i use mine as a diaper bag/purse, but it would be a great diaper bag in and of itself. it is reversible, so it is not lined. however, if you would like it lined instead of reversible, that is available as well! it is lined with interfacing to make it a little stronger in order to fit your needs and it has 6 pockets total. there are three on the inside and three on the outside. the pockets can be made a little deeper, and both sets can be on the inside if you don't want it reversible. this is very much a custom made bag! sadly, the fabric in the picture is not available at this time, however, any fabric choice to the right is available, and for $5 more, i can get a fabric specific to your needs! these sell for $75, with $5 shipping, as always. email me with any questions!

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