Thursday, February 12, 2009

a few new things

we have some new prices at bug-a-roo. get one sling for $38 or two for $70 plus FREE shipping! also, buy a gift set (burpee, diaper dittee, and ring sling) all for $60!! i'm also beginning to market nursing covers. they can be purchased for $24!

in the past, i have only taken payment by check, but now, if you prefer, you can pay for your order on etsy! i will list the order just for you, then you can pay using paypal so no stamp, and no remembering to put the check in the mail (that's what i always forget!) because of the high demand for custom-made orders, i will only list the orders that have been placed on my etsy page (for the moment, at least).

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Sarah Vos said...

I love your stuff. I am going to have to look into getting some things for you for our new little one. We are having another boy.