Friday, January 16, 2009

it's been too long

well, first of all, i'm so sorry that i haven't posted since the beginning of november!! however, to my credit, i have been very busy with these two little boys...

that's right, i had another baby! his name is isaac james and he is almost 8 weeks old. he looks a little surprised in this picture...he really hates the camera and flash, so it's good that his eyes are at least open for this one ;) and big brother, dillon, is doing great, as well. he turned one two weeks after isaac was born, then we had 2 weeks of Christmas, a new year, and now we're on a business trip with my husband for the weekend. WOW! however, i wanted you to know i'm still here!

thanks so much to everyone who has purchased slings, burpees, and diaper dittees over the past couple of months. i really believe the word is getting out about bug-a-roo and i'm so excited! i do have to apologize...i think my pictures were messed up for much of december and maybe even november. i do appreciate one of my friends letting me know that she couldn't see the pics, though. i have put back up pictures of the fabric and available products. you can see them by clicking on the right. i also have a thought about a new product, but i am going to have to wait and see if i can do it right and figure out a good cost for it. anyway, more on that later! i hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and new years! please let me know who you are and where you're from so i know who is looking at bug-a-roo! since march, we have had over 2,000 visitors to the sight! so i would love to know where you all are located ;) check back soon for that new product! God bless!

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