Monday, March 24, 2008

out of fabric for the moment

first of all, thanks so much to everyone who has bought slings as of late! i am very busy this week making 8 slings! PLEASE keep them coming! ben and i are so excited about this! i do have sad news. i'm out of the blue, green, and black fabric. so, for now, all i have are the pinwheels and blue with black flowers. i plan on getting some more fabric soon, but until then, the other two will have to do ;) thanks again for all the purchases. i'm thinking of adding some other products, so please stay tuned!

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The Loxley Family said...

Hey- Ok, out of the three fabrics, this is the one I want (blueblackgreen). So unless you get a new fabric, I want to get one when you are restocked. And no hurry. I'm buying it for myself, but I'm going to loan it out (and then tell people where I got it, so they can order one for themselves!)Thanks Janie!