Wednesday, March 4, 2009

crappy economy

hello, everyone! i hope you are all doing well and enjoying being hands-free while holding your babies! i wanted to let you know that i am having to raise my prices just a bit. never fear, if you have already placed an order, i will honor my old prices. however, i am beginning to sell wholesale! yea!!! i am very excited about this, but because of this, i am having to up my prices just a bit. you can find the new prices in the right hand column under available products and pricing. i am also going to start doing a give away every friday in march! it will be something different every week, so check on friday to see what the online contest is, leave a comment to be entered, and then check back on monday to see if you've won! if they go well, we will continue sporatic give aways throughout the year. thanks for choosing bug-a-roo for all your toddler needs!

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